A word that most people can't stand. But few people know that a little cleaning, even in your own room, is important for the whole planet🌍 

What must be cleaned at home and how else to make money on it: ✅Hopelessly spoiled things

First, you can change them into other necessary things. For example, in an eco-bag, purse, bag with which you will go to the store instead of a bag.

Secondly, you can take them for processing as textiles to the reception points 

✅ Old towels, bed linen, shabby carpets, old pillows - sent there or they may be needed in animal shelters

✅ Things that do not suit you in size, but in a very suitable form, donate to charity. Take it to an orphanage, boarding school, tell a needy family or a charity shop. It will be вам to your karma and people will be grateful and happy!

✅Banks for household chemicals, perfumes.

I think everyone understands that those things that have expired should not be stored. But some bottles and glasses can be recycled. 

✅ Empty jars, food containers

Think about how you can use them, for example to take with you to the store instead of bags for sugar, cereals, milk, etc.

✅ Kitchen utensils that you do not use.

Why do you need a non-stick pan if it has burned out? And there will always be metal made of metal, so stomp to the nearest reception point♻️

✅Breaked electronics and home appliances. If you haven't fixed it yet, then you don't really need it. Ask for spare parts or scrap metal

✅ Waste paper 

Written off office, essays, newspapers, brochures, boxes. Yes, take them for recycling! Save the forests!