Students sewed 17 thousand bags in quarantine: the results of the All-Ukrainian project "Bag"

Школярі пошили 17 тисяч мішечків на карантині: підсумки  Всеукраїнського проєкту “Мішечок”

Official results of the All-Ukrainian project "Bag". The main prize, a printer for sublimation printing, goes to the secondary school № 23 in Lviv.The collective victory was won by the students who sewed a total of 1,716 bags. According to participants and curators from the school, they plan to borrow the idea of the competition and on its basis to implement their own environmental projects in the new school year.

Pavlograd Secondary School of I-III Grades G9 of Dnipropetrovsk Region took the honorable second place - students sewed 1560 bags. Leaders were also: Melitopol comprehensive school of I-III degrees № 8, (307 bags); Vasyl Krychevsky State Specialized Art Boarding School of I-III Grades “Collegium of Arts in Opishnya”, Poltava region; Ternopil Lyceum №21 - specialized art school named after I. Gareth; Central Ukrainian State House of Art and Technical Creativity in Kropyvnytskyi - 251 bags were sewn in each school. All finalists receive diplomas for participation and incentive prizes - vitaminization from the partners of the competition.

Total more than eight thousand students and their families from 285 corners of Ukraine competed for the victory in the team competition. The most active were representatives of Sumy, Donetsk and Poltava regions. As a result, participants who submitted collective applications sewed 17429 bags. Also, weekly on social networks, the winners were celebrated in the individual competition for an original and creative approach to the task. 608 participants took part in the individual competition, who sewed a total of 1,012 reusable bags.

Students have become the driving force behind the frugal treatment of Earth's resources. The peculiarity of the project is that most participants sewed the bags themselves and used old and unnecessary things as a basis, thus giving them a second life.  Each reusable bag created is five hundred unused plastic bags each year.

- It was nice to see such incredible activity. Determining the winners was not easy, the work of each participant is worthy of distinction. Quarantine pushed us to flexibility and gave the project new opportunities to develop environmental responsibility in Ukraine. Each bag is a joint contribution to the ecological future, - shares the results of the competition, the head of the International Youth Movement "School Recycling World" in Ukraine Ksenia Renchkovska.

The organizers plan that the "Bag" will become a kind of movement and a positive habit of using reusable packaging. It will also help to form an ecological culture of caring for the environment among Ukrainians.

- The plastic bag pollutes the environment when it starts to disintegrate. Its microparticles fall into the ground, poison plants and all live for several hundred or even a thousand years. Children began to use reusable bags in the home. It's fashionable - stay in the trend of the project "Bag", do not stop there, continue the work started, - comments the founder of the International Youth Movement "School Recycling World" Julia Markhel.

- These are far-sighted goals related to conscious consumption. From previous experience of cooperation with School Recycling World, we can safely say that working with children gives significant results. In addition, adults, watching them, rethink their attitude to environmental problems and change their habits towards frugal consumption, - said Natalia Fesyun - Manager of Public Affairs and Public PepsiCo Ukraine.

The "bag" has the potential for change across the country.According to the organizers, the plans are to make the project permanent and the competition annual and to implement a national environmental education program.

The organizer of the project is the non-governmental organization International Youth Movement "School Recycling World". The competition is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and supported by the general partner - PepsiCo Ukraine. 

The works of the participants can be viewed on social networks under the hashtag # bags SRW, and further projects and activities have already been announced on the website

Together to an environmentally responsible life!