Motivational and encouraging event, ranking among general secondary education institutions.

The organizers publish on the official website news of the start of the project, send official letters to educational institutions. Schools that have formed teams and carried out active work, fill out an application for participation. After registration closes, the best applications are selected and invited to an official project to share experiences and select winners. The project is implemented annually. 

The winners and prize-winners of the Project are determined by the jury on the total amount of points scored by the teams, after considering the applications of the participants.

The winner of the Project is the team that scored the highest amount of points. The winners of the Project are the teams that took the second and third places in terms of the number of points scored and scored the highest number of points in the nominations. 

In case of equal number of points, the winner (prize-winner) of the Project determines the team that scored the highest amount of points for presenting the video work related to the educational campaign on proper waste management, and the number of recyclables in the school by the coefficient kilograms, the total amount of secondary raw materials accumulated and processed for the current school year, in relation to the total number of students in the school, ie the amount of raw materials collected in kilograms to be divided by the total number of students in the school). 

The winner and prize-winners of the Project are awarded with diplomas of the Project of the corresponding degrees. The remaining participants of the II stage of the Project receive diplomas of the participants.

The experience of the best teams is covered in the media.