Schoolchildren from all over Ukraine join the World Cleaning Day

International action World Cleanup Day  for student youth stretches in time and space, began on September 1 and ends September 19, 2020 along with millions of citizens in 180 countries who will come out to achieve a common goal - to save the planet from garbage.

The peculiarity of the 2020 action is strict observance of quarantine norms: masks, gloves, social distance and safety rules.

The organizers offer students to do individual and family cleaning, photos before and after, post on social networks with the hashtags #was removed #worldcleanupday #schoolrecyclingworld #letsdoitukraine.

A competition has been announced among general secondary education institutions in 24 regions of Ukraine for the most active participants in the World Cleaning Day. 

"The rules are simple! It is important to publish a project announcement with a call to join the information resources of the school, to participate and implement activities in the framework of the World Cleaning Day from 1 to 19 September, to summarize and fill in the results in the online questionnaire at: until September 22, 2020 ", - said Julia Markhel, head of the organizing committee of the World Cleaning Day in Ukraine.

This activity with friends or family can be an original and creative type of leisure. And for motivation, turn it into a competition. Look for a place with garbage on the map and boldly go forward. Mark contaminated and cleaned locations in the free international mobile application TrashOut.

Winners and the most active individual participants in the clean-up will be determined on September 25, 2020 on the website and social networks of School Recycling World.

You can learn more about the conditions of participation in the Regulations at the link:

"All participating schools will be thanked for their participation, the most active participants will receive diplomas and tasty gifts, and the top three school leaders who remove the most garbage will hand over the most waste for recycling and whose students will be the most active will win school bag sets." , - commented Ksenia Renchkovska, head of the international youth movement School Recycling World in Ukraine.

The organizers of the competition are the International Youth Movement "School Recycling World" together with the All-Ukrainian Youth Movement "Let's do it Ukraine" with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, PepsiCo Ukraine.

Why should you go cleaning? According to the World Bank, people produce more than 2 billion tons of garbage every day, which is about 800 grams per earthling. The vast majority of waste decomposes for a very long time. For example, polyethylene rests on the bottom of reservoirs for up to 200 years, plastic - more than 500 years, and its combustion leads to the release of heavy metals that destroy the ozone layer. Groundwater, washing waste, collects iron, mercury, zinc, lead, dyes, pesticides, detergents and other chemicals. And now just imagine if you or your family will drink this poison. Billions of animals die because of garbage. Some get stuck in plastic rings, others swallow objects, others get injured. The reason may be different, but the ending is often the same for everyone - animals die from fatigue, thirst or blood loss.

This list can go on for a very long time, which shows the criticality of the situation, because if we continue to litter until 2030, humanity will need 2 more planets to save their garbage. It is time for active change, a time to show that people can become a tremendous force for a better life.

Become part of the largest movement of environmentally responsible people. Add World Cleaning Day to your calendar plan - the third Saturday in September each year, share this news on social networks, motivate friends and acquaintances. Do not forget to comply with quarantine regulations. Take protective masks, antiseptics, gloves with you to the location and remember the social distance.

Let's make Ukraine clean together!


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