More environmentally friendly travel

How you can influence the reduction of emissions during the flight:

  • Choose direct flights for the flight.
  • Choose low-cost carriers. After all, the more people on board, the lower the CO2 emissions per passenger.
  • Use alternative modes of transport if possible.

How to reduce debris during flights:

  • Use a reusable suitcase cover, not wrapped in polyethylene. Better yet, just put your suitcase in your luggage and don't forget that your suitcase is a cover for your things.
  • Do not print the ticket, use the electronic version.
  • Hotel reservation. Also, if necessary, use the electronic version.
  • Take a reusable bowl with you. Later, it can be used on board the aircraft when the flight attendant will offer coffee or tea. 
  • Your own water bottle. Remember how many disposable water bottles are removed at the checkpoint and later you go to Duty Free for another one.
  • Take a snack with you. You can safely take an apple, dried fruit, sandwich, such in hand luggage is not removed.