Eco gifts

Gifts are a separate topic for reflection. How many people think every time what to give to a loved one, friend, girlfriend, mom, grandma, grandpa. And how many meaningless gifts were given to us in life. And gifts can also be more environmentally friendly: 

  • give only what is necessary (yes yes, take and ask, communication is our everything🤷‍♀️)
  • donate without packaging, or in recyclable packaging
  • Postcards are just the last century. Give your attention better.
  • flowers in a pot will please more than one month, and if well cared for more than one year. And even better that the pot was ceramic, not plastic. 
  • give durable gifts
  • eco-gifts that will replace disposable and plastic things in the home.
  • but it is better to give impressions and memories - nothing will replace them for sure

So, choose gifts consciously!