Introduction of a systematic approach to waste management in educational institutions at the state and regional levels, reduce waste generation by increasing its recycling and reuse, taking into account the European approach and sustainable development goals, will positively affect the general population, ensure quality environmental culture citizens and the education of a conscious, environmentally responsible generation of Ukrainians and will be an example to follow in the world community. 


  • formation of ecological culture in students;
  • introduction of a system of separate collection of secondary raw materials in the educational institution;
  • search for new forms, methods and models of organization of ecological and educational work with students of secondary schools;
  • dissemination of the best pedagogical experience in the organization of agitation ecological and educational work with students of secondary schools;
  • creation of an information data bank on innovative forms and methods of organization of ecological-educational and nature protection activity of student collectives of general educational institutions;
  • promoting the conservation of land resources, promoting environmental social responsibility;
  • support of social activity of student youth;
  • exchange of best practices in the organization of work related to environmental and social education in secondary schools.


ECO PATROLS is a team consisting of a leader - teacher (coordinator) and 9 active students of 8-10 grades (by agreement). The team organizes the School Recycling project and all related activities are recommended by the organizers on the territory of the educational institution. A recommended activity schedule is attached

The ECO PATROL team is formed for 12 months with a possible extension for the next term of the project or until the end of the school year. The team includes volunteers - volunteers who by their example and actions are ready to make their school and its staff environmentally responsible, to establish a system of proper waste management (sorting) and care for the environment.

PARTICIPANTS are students, teachers, employees, parents, local community, mentors.


is a person who helps the Eco Patrol team at all stages of the project. Receives monthly reports on patrol activities. The mentor is elected for 1 academic year, if necessary, visits ECO PATROLS in person, contributes to the implementation of the project.

Training manual "SCHOOL RECYCLING 2020"

specially designed material for effective implementation in the school. Created as a theoretical guide and instruction of practical actions for use by the team "ECO PATROLS" for the entire period of project implementation in the school.


An organizing committee is created for the organization and holding, the composition of which is formed of representatives of the project partners.

The organizing committee includes representatives of public organizations, local governments, departments and departments of education, utilities, parent committees of secondary schools, representatives of public associations, employees of educational institutions (by agreement), logistics partners, representatives of project partners.


The costs of organizing and conducting the project are covered by sources not prohibited by current legislation of Ukraine.

The project is carried out in three stages: I stage - educational, educational; ІІ stage - competitive; ІІІ- practical stage. Covers a variety of projects and activities during the calendar year.

The organizers reserve the right to make adjustments to the project schedule, add, cancel or extend the implementation of the event, notifying all participants no later than one month before its implementation, except for conditions independent of the organizers.