10 eco-books that will change your attitude to nature, the world and turn your life around

10 еко-книжок, що змінять відношення до природи, світу і перевернуть ваше життя в цілому

🔹 "Save the animals" from VSL - this book cannot be downloaded electronically. It needs to be felt, flipped, watched. And although some pages are made of plastic, it is worth buying and passing from generation to generation. Pictures with transparent pages that show that in the wild animals look better. Simple and accessible for everyone


🔹 "Year in the Forest" by Emilia Dziubak - the book is just beautifully described every month in the woods. How does every animal, plant. The book is actually a children's book, but after reading it it is impossible not to love the forest


🔹 "Who grows in the park" and "Who grows in the garden" by Kateryna Mikhalitsyna - Also children's books about nature. The central stories are very nicely and fascinatingly described. Yes, and wonderfully told about nature, which you want to protect. And we can learn a lot from our grandfather-gardener and his family


🔹The Magic School Bus series, and especially the Magic School Bus and Climate Issues by Joanne Cole and Bruce Degen, is very clear about everything in the world, even for those who have never been interested in environmental issues. You should also watch the cartoon in this book


🔹 "Promise" by Nicolas Davis and Laura Carlin - after reading you immediately understand how social and environmental are connected. How much we change by changing the world around us. And I want to change and change


🔹 Bea Johnson's "House Zero Waste" is simply wordless. A must read if you want to change your life forever. Step-by-step instructions on how to reduce your ecological footprint and learn to live without garbage. What is most inspiring is that the author wrote it from her own experience


🔹 “Get rid of junk from life! The art of cleaning that will change you forever ”Marie Condo is the book from which I began large-scale cleaning in my life. Valuable tips on how to get rid of everything superfluous and find a place for the most important


🔹 "It changes everything: capitalism against climate" Naomi Klein - seems like a book about the obvious. But when they are all presented and collected in one book, it is shocking. The author simply states the facts, tells stories, but does not teach. You draw your own conclusions


🔹 Halyna Tkachuk's "Garbage Book" is a book about what we take out of our apartment in garbage bags and throw in the trash. Or, at best, in several different tanks. About what meets us when we come for a picnic in the woods. About what floats past us in the river or in the sea. And about what can flood our entire planet. Simply put, this book about garbage is such an amazing thing that is very easy to create, but incredibly difficult to get rid of.


🔹 Eric Favey's "Garbage Revolution" - the book examines the entire life cycle of the things we use, collect, recycle - and even turn into new materials. This book will help you find out: where does the water you drink come from; what happens to your clothes when you grow out of them; how your old mobile phone can protect the rainforest… and much more! 


Enjoy reading📚