5 things that are actually plastic

Have you ever wondered how much plastic surrounds us? A selection that will make you think: 5 things that are really plastic

Disposable paper cups.

In fact, they are "paper-plastic". Most ordinary paper cups are covered with plastic wrap. The plastic shell means that one way or another it will end up in a regular landfill. Alternative: use a reusable mug and ask for a drink in your cafe


It would seem that the shiny package, which is filled with chips, wrapped chocolate bars and cookies, should contain metal components. In fact, it is ordinary plastic, which is not recycled.

Alternative: buy chocolates by weight, without wrappers and in your own packaging. Or those that are wrapped in foil and paper - and both are recycled

Tea bags

All of them are also made of plastic, except, apparently, luxury options with bags in the form of fabric sachets. Although some manufacturers claim that the tea is in silk pyramids. They are mainly made of food grade nylon and polyethylene or plastic. Therefore, the bags do not decompose, but turn into microplastic. And they also cannot be reworked.

Alternative: loose tea by weight. Using a teapot for brewing or an individual steaming mug


In cosmetics or for jewelry. Gloss is often already a micromlastic. And now, girls, imagine how much microblastic we ate with the cosmetics. And how does the glitter used for decorations, such as Christmas snowflakes, affect us. Alternative: see the composition on the package, use products without artificial scrub microparticles

Hygiene products

Yes, yes I'm talking about pads, tampons and diapers. Some may think they are made of cotton. In fact, such products from mass markets are made of synthetic materials, including plastic. It is believed that even scanty residues of these substances can lead to bacterial infections. This is due to the fact that the mucous membranes have a high permeability. Alternative: organic hygiene products, but they only decompose faster. Reusable diapers and pads, menstrual cups.