Ecological Easter

Екологічний Великдень

Soon Easter and now this holiday has acquired a new meaning for many. However, as usual, it is during the holidays that a lot of garbage is formed. Easter is a holiday that brings light, hope and good. Don't forget to take care of our planet on this day as well🌏

And here are some tips on how to do it:

🌱Please stay home. And if you go shopping: keep your distance, wear a mask (reusable () and wash your hands with soap


One of the main traditions is a festive table. No holiday in Ukraine is complete without it. How to avoid unnecessary costs and waste:
🌱Plan in advance what will be on your table and write a shopping list
🌱Buy as much as your family can eat. Avoid unnecessary purchases. * 1.3 billion tons of food worth more than € 1 trillion is thrown away every year.
🌱Do not use bags - bring an eco bag, bags and sudochki
🌱We do not encourage you to give up meat completely, but reducing the number of meat dishes on the table will help reduce your environmental footprint. * Meat production is the cause of 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Easter Egg

Easter egg is an ancient and integral attribute of Easter.
A real Easter egg is drawn for a long time, each sign on it means something. That's why people came up with an easy way - stickers. It seemed that it could be easier? But stickers are plastic and they have irreversible consequences. You use them one day, and these images will decompose for thousands of years.
🌱Go to a master class on coloring Easter eggs. Believe me, this is an unforgettable experience!
🌱Keep minimalism
🌱Use natural dyes
🌱Enable creative! Use handy materials: threads, branches, leaves, flowers. And your Easter eggs will be unique
☺️And most importantly, during the whole process, think about the good, bring good and be positive

Easter eggs

Many people use dyes that are sold. But this is a kind of way, because the dyes can penetrate into the egg. So they can get into the human body. Also packing of all dyes sold plastic, not recyclable.
Therefore, we offer to paint eggs with natural dyes. Natural colors can be obtained from ordinary products:
❤️Red: dip already boiled eggs for half an hour in cranberry or beet juice. If you reduce the residence time of Easter eggs in the juice, you can get not only red but also pink
🧡Orange color: you will need carrot juice. As in the case of beets, already boiled eggs should be placed in fresh carrots for half an hour. The intensity of the color will depend on the time of "soaking" the Easter egg
💛Yellow color will give Easter eggs turmeric root (saffron). You will need to dilute a few tablespoons of turmeric powder in hot water and, bringing the solution to a boil, simmer for a few minutes. Allow the broth to cool, then boil the eggs in it. Also, the dye solution can be prepared from the peel of lemons, oranges and young birch leaves
💚Green color: you can use the juice of parsley, dill, basil and green pepper. But spinach will help you get an intense shade. These herbs should be boiled over low heat for half an hour, then boil the egg in the broth
💙Blue: you need to finely chop two heads of finely chopped red cabbage, pour boiled water and add 6 tablespoons of vinegar. When the solution acquires the shade you need, soak already boiled eggs in it
💜Purple color of your Easter egg will add a mixture of red and blue solution. If you soak the eggs in grape juice, you will get a lavender color
🥔Brown and gold color: To get a brown tint you can boil eggs in strong coffee or onion, the more you collect the husk, the more intense the color
🌱And to make the Easter eggs shine, lubricate them with vegetable oil

Easter cakes

It would seem that you can change here?
🌱If you are copying belts, avoid plastic packaging
🌱When cooking them, buy products without plastic packaging
🌱for decorations use more natural and natural products: nuts, chocolate, flowers, candied fruits. The powders that are most often used are dyes and they are sold in plastic packaging

Preparing for Easter can be made another holiday for the family. Uniting over a common cause and including creativity! And also dilute your quarantine routine.
Have a nice and ecological celebration! 💚