5 advantages of ECO-BAGS

5 переваг ЕКО-СУМОК

   The more often you say the phrase "No, thank you, I have my package" at the checkout, the less pollution of the world's oceans ? You are taking a small but sure step towards reducing plastic contamination!

Тож… Які вони, 5 причин відмовитися від поліетиленових пакетів?Погнали?





  1. It pollutes nature.
  2.  Plastic bags decompose for a very long time (up to 1000 years).
  3.  Hard to recycle.
  4.  Зменшуючи витрати на пакети, ви можете купити на ці кошти вкусняшку. А за рік навіть на торт збереться ?
  5.  Harm the inhabitants of the ocean. They either eat them, confusing them with some animals. Or get confused in them.

The effects of ONE package can be costly for animals.


One bag / bag - in fact, saves animals. Think about the next time you pack vegetables in plastic bags. Or when the seller at the checkout asks “Do you need a package?” “