Online course School Recycling

Online course School Recycling

Garbage is a valuable resource. Instead of damaging land and water, garbage can be given a second life by recycling or extracting energy. And now imagine that you do not need to look for special delivery points for sorting, and this can be done simply at school. In this course, you will learn how students affect the sustainable development of cities, how to work with documentation during a project, create a dream team, learn responsible consumption and sorting, and make your own environmental project. Let's embark on an ecological journey together!

Zero waste rules

Today, more and more people are thinking about how to live environmentally. The answer is to reduce waste production. And although it is almost impossible to not litter at all in the modern world, it is quite easy to reduce the amount of waste. In this video you will learn how to do it.

Sorting rules

This time, our environmental expert will talk about the basic rules of sorting, why it is important and how exactly you can sort at school.

Work with administration, teaching staff and documentation

You will learn:  

  • what is the role of each member of pedagogical activity in the project
  • how to choose a contractor  
  • what documents are needed to introduce sorting in school  
  • how to get money for recyclables for the needs of student government


Want to create a dream team?
Then watch this video! You will learn:

  • who are the Ecopatrols
  • what are their goals and objectives
  • what Ecopatrols do

Project management of environmental projects

Want to create your own project? To do this, you will need knowledge from this video, namely:

  • how to make your project effective
  • how to attract and allocate additional resources
  • how to make any project more environmentally friendly


In this video you will learn: 

  • what is sustainable development  
  • about the goals of sustainable development
  • how students can influence the sustainable development of cities

Online tour of recycling points.

In this video, we will visit three recycling points. That is, places where you can hand over the collected PET - bottles, paper, metal and glass.

Online tour of the sorting station.

On this online tour we will visit the sorting line. You find out what happens to your sorted waste after you hand it over to the recycling point or it is picked up by a machine from your school.

Екскурсія від School Recycling World на завод переробки та виробництва скляної тари в Україні “Ветропак Україна”

На цій онлайн екскурсії ми завітаємо на завод переробки та виробництва скляної тари в Україні “Ветропак Україна” – один із провідних європейських виробників склотари.

Methodical materials

In the implementation of sorting in the school, you will be helped by specially designed materials: posters, stickers and manuals.
Below you can download, print and use them at your school.

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