Tubule is not required

Трубочка не потрібна

My favorite pastime in cafes and bars is to ask to bring without a straw something that is usually drunk with a drink. And then get the metal. The eyes of these waiters must be seen😂 But then, they get used to)))

Guys, honestly, tubes are just an evil that doesn't even have a liver. Tubules are harmful to the environment. They occupy an honorable fifth place in the ranking of "Top 20 most useless plastic products that should be abandoned for a long time, but they are too profitable in production."

Technically, they can be recycled, but in reality almost nowhere in the world this happens because the plastic is too thin and small. Therefore, the tubes are sent to landfills, streets, beaches and the ocean. Once in the water, the plastic does not dissolve, but breaks into small pieces and floats in it for hundreds of years. Or until it is eaten by a fish or a seagull.

What can be done?

  1. We by nature have a wonderful "adaptation" - it's called the MOUTH))) So use it! Many drinks can be drunk without a straw. So why a tube for cider or hot tea?
  2. Find a multiple alternative. Now you can easily buy iron tubes of different shapes and colors. Do not like iron - take glass. There are still dense plastic and silicone, but I do not recommend them: because we are looking for environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled after use, and this is not the option. 
  3. Give up tubes. Every time you order drinks in a cafe, do not forget to ask the waiter: "I have no tube, please." So I am already remembered in many bars)
  4. Another great alternative is to choose an eco-friendly cafe, where plastic tubes are no longer used. Although it is sometimes difficult for me. They can be found at ecofriendlycafe.org

That's right, everything is quite simple))) All patience and less plastic in life💙💙💙