Fashionable and environmentally friendly. Ukrainian eco brands

Модно та екологічно. Українські еко бренди

Fashion is the second industry in the world that pollutes the environment, second only to oil. In the last few years, fashion brands have taken a small step towards ecology and sustainable production. And what is happening in the fashion industry now, says that it is possible that we are waiting for real change. One way to prevent emissions from the fashion industry is not only to reuse and reduce the use of large quantities of clothing, but also to change the way it is produced. Eco-friendly brand is a brand whose products cause the least harm to the environment.

So, at the Ukrainian Fashion Week 2020, which took place last week in Kyiv, he emphasized his ecological orientation with the project "BE SUSTAINABLE!". There are enough really ecological brands of clothes and accessories in Ukraine and they are the ones who set the sustainable trend in the Fashion industry. We have collected for you Ukrainian brands that carry the principles of environmental friendliness in their philosophy.



Pigeon Upcycled Denim Project - things for women and men with the help of upcycling, ie with the use of old things. The key material is denim, from which the stylist sews fashionable skirts, jeans and shorts with reflective ribbons, as well as jackets and sconces.

REVICLO BY MARKOVA - vintage denim clothing, which is created individually for each client. You can order exclusive jeans, tops or shirts from the brand.

KSENIASCHNAIDERold denim is used for the production of clothes of this brand. In 2019, the brand will process about 5 tons of denim for new things. This sustainable brand of Ukrainian origin is already sold in more than 70 countries and is one of the advocates of upcycling and conscious fashion in Eastern Europe.  

NCYZIP - the character of the brand, revolutionary with a strong protest against fast fashion. The collection includes designer clothes, including recycled material. Currently, there are denim items of unusual design, which can be worn in several ways.

KLAPTYK FASHION - a brand that uses "scraps" of textile production residues to create clothing and interior items, thus reducing the amount of recyclables in landfills.

ROUSSIN - The main principle of making clothes is recycling. The range includes T-shirts made from T-shirts of old collections and painted by the tie-dye method, No-waste sweatshirt from scraps of fabric left after sewing, items made of reflective fabric for road safety, bags made of plastic bags and film.

REHASH - use several types of materials: old things and quality fabrics that are found in second-hand, and the remnants of fabrics from the studio, which were not needed in production. In this way, the brand supports the fight against environmental pollution.

Her - eco-friendly brand that makes women's clothing from natural materials. All things are created by hand in small batches with respect to each piece of fabric. The range includes silk blouses, linen dresses and culottes, as well as jackets.

Slowme - a young brand of knitted sweaters made of natural deadstock wool of high quality, which the brand buys from fashion houses. Deadstock wool is a yarn that remains unused in production. The special features of this young brand are: production in small batches depending on the number of orders for each item, minimization of yarn waste, zerowaste and waste sorting, use of biodegradable materials for delivery, no plastic in packaging.

Her - Ukrainian brand offers women's clothing created in a workshop in Transcarpathia. Things are created from natural materials with the effective use of every meter of fabric.

Natasha Fishchenko - at the heart of the brand is a conscious attitude to fashion and consumption. This is achieved through the restoration of lost technology, the use of local production and a combination of recycled materials. Among the items are dresses and skirts made of viscose, dyed with natural dyes, and recycled corduroy, as well as designer coats that turn into jackets.

DEVOHOME - Ukrainian manufacturer of hemp clothing and textiles. Hemp fiber is an ecological natural material from which designers make jackets, coats, skirts.

And under hemp clothes hemp shoes from will approach Hanftek. Hanftek makes shoes by hand from hemp grown in Ukraine. The brand insists that ecological footwear from natural hemp maintains a healthy microclimate of the foot. On Hanftek's Instagram page, you can even see fields where material for future sneakers and boots grows.



REMADE - Bags, backpacks and accessories are created by upcycling from old leather jackets or PVC advertising banners. According to the brand, each item is handmade and has a unique history. 

URBANKO - produces bags, shoppers, backpacks and other goods from banner fabric, which is used in large quantities in the field of advertising, and then ends up in landfills. In this way, the brand promotes a culture of responsible consumption and preservation of the environment through the reuse of resources. The project is being implemented within the framework of the Public Initiatives program, so part of the funds for it has been allocated from the city budget. 

BARU BAGS - a brand that specializes in bags of unusual shapes. Such bags are created from stock materials.

AVOSKA - sumki backpacks of this brand are made of 100% cotton thread, which are woven by hand. Such bags are an alternative to environmentally friendly packages. 

Ochis Coffee -  this is a rather unusual eco start - making glasses from coffee and flax. These glasses allow you to completely abandon petroleum plastic. Coffee, flax and natural oils are the main components of glasses that even smell like coffee. The frame of the accessory completely decomposes in soil or water and turns into a natural fertilizer for plants.

- ethical brand of jewelry made from recycled plastic containers.