Pandora becomes "eco-friendly"

Pandora стає "eco-friendly"


More and more world-famous brands are changing certain aspects of their work to become more environmentally friendly and less harmful to the environment. And today we will talk about the Pandora jewelry brand and how they decided to join the eco-theme.

What is their new approach? The company announced that will make all its jewelry from recycled gold and silver. This approach reduce the amount of CO2 waste by two thirds when making jewelry from recycled silver, and when using recycled gold - up to 99%. From 2020, such changes will apply to manufacturing plants in Thailand, and by 2025, all branches of the company are expected to switch to 100% using recycled materials.

“Gold and silver are excellent materials that can be recycled without losing any of their value. The newly mined metals are exactly the same as the processed ones. They do not fade or decompose. We strive to develop a more responsible way of making valuable jewelry, as well as to prevent these wonderful materials from ending up in landfills, ” - says the director of Pandora.

Interesting fact: As of today, 71% gold and silver, from which jewelry is made, are obtained and made from recycled resources. And a change by an even higher percentage will have such benefits for the environmental situation as:

  1. Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
  2. Reduction of used water
  3. In general, metal processing is less resource-intensive compared to the extraction of new metals.

Such a business will not harm the environment. This is becoming more and more important for advanced companies to respond to the environmental crisis.

Interesting fact: Pandora has joined the Science Based Targets initiative, which is a leading collaboration for action against climate change (by the way, one of their partners is WWF).

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