Travel with love for the planet

Подорожуй з любов'ю до планети

Due to quarantine, travel within the country is becoming increasingly popular. The tips below will be relevant for both mini-trips and trips abroad. 

Travel environmentally! 

And I'm not saying now that you shouldn't be a pig and clean up after yourself. This is so obvious. I hope you clean up after yourself in nature 😊 

  1. You know that “paper cups”Not really paper (but with plastic impurities), and not recycled? Take it with a reusable cup. It is especially convenient if it is stored. And if you buy one, believe me, you will use it not only when traveling 😉 Silicone cup transformer for example 👇
  2. The same goes for bottles. Or ordinary plastic, or buy a bottle-transformer. You will be able to replenish it for everyone pump rooms world, as well as in countries where tap water is drinkable. 😮 Here. There is a cool application Refill which shows where you can draw water for free. 
  3. Grab the cotton bags for groceries. In them you can pack both products from supermarkets and local markets. 
  4. Not bars, yes - sandwiches and fruit! In addition to the fact that the second option is much more useful for your body, so you will not buy something in the package, and do without it. And fruits, vegetables and sandwiches can be safely packed in wax napkins - this is a great eco-alternative to food film.  
  5. Use flashlights with removable batteries that can be recharged. You will save the planet from another bunch of harmful disposable batteries 🌎
  6. Do not print tickets. For example, in the e-ticket Ukrzaliznytsia itself writes: “Help save nature - it's in your power! Show your ticket on the phone ”🌿
  7. Choose public transport. For example, the subway produces 76% less emissions than cars. And you will not stand in traffic jams. In general, if you want to have beautiful inflated legs and a trained heart, then ride a bike or walk!
  8. Share brochures / maps with other tourists, etc .. And their life is so short - used once, and all, let's go to the dump (?).
  9. Clean up bad photos and videos after the trip. After all, if you fill the memory of your flash drive / computer all in a row, you will eventually have to buy another drive. Try to use what you already have. And even use digital memory only for successful shots 📸
  10. Carry an eco-bag or backpack. This will save you money and will not pollute nature 😉

And what other ideas do you have on how to make your journey more eco-friendly?