"Taking care of the environment is taking care of yourself." Interview with eco-blogger Yulia Spilchuk

«Піклуватися про екологію – це піклуватися про себе». Інтерв'ю з екоблогеркою Юлею Спільчук

A conversation with a Ukrainian eco-blogger, photographer, author of a future book and just a wonderful Yulia Spilchuk about the importance of an ecological and healthy lifestyle in the modern world.

We wish you inspiration and a good time with us for a cozy and important conversation!


Hi there! Tell us a little about yourself: activities, hobbies, beliefs, perhaps dreams.

My name is Julia, I'm a little blogger, a little photographer, a little recipe book. I love yoga, I love to study everything related to health. I like to inspire (who doesn't love?) I mean that I like to inspire people by my example for a healthy diet, for an ethical and conscious life. It is very valuable for me to understand that I have done something good for this world. For example, when a person thanks me and says that thanks to some of my phrases, or recommendations, or advice, she changed her life for the better, I may even cry with happiness. At that moment, I understand that I am on the right path.


How did you get to eco-consciousness? How did you start your ecological path? Maybe you were inspired by certain movies or an example of your loved ones? Share, please!

It all started with the movie about plant nutrition "What the health". It somehow "accidentally" appeared in my recommendations, and something made me look at it. At that moment, it felt as if something in my head had switched, like a click, and you were a different person. A million questions came up at once that I hadn't asked before. This is what I call "conscious life". When you don't just follow the masses, but think, ask yourself questions and look for answers. Well, when I switched to plant foods, I immediately had a boundless love for all living things around, for animals, for nature, which, as it turned out, is dying. He dies of human ignorance. Then somehow the "stars formed" so that I learned about the sorting station "Ukraine without garbage" and on the same day began to collect recyclables on the balcony. And, of course, then there were many films about ecology, the thought of "we all have a hook", disappointment… And later came the faith and understanding that just everyone needs to start with themselves. I started - and soon saw how my environment began to change as well. Such is the magic of 🙂


You often broadcast your thoughts on veganism and animal cosmetics testing. When and how did you rethink your attitude towards animals?

It all happened at once. Veganism, ethical and ecological life - these topics are somehow always together, and when you are affected by at least one of them, you are "caught". Sooner or later you will understand all three)


What advice would you give to people who want to give up animal products but are afraid of "failing" or "losing health"?

I advise you to take responsibility for your life. In order not to be afraid of losing health or something else - research the information! If necessary, write to me - I will send a list of literature, documentaries and research on HEALTHY plant nutrition.


What about clothes? What are your rules of conscious shopping? What advice would you give to people who like to express themselves through clothes?

As for clothes, I have not been very fashionable since childhood. And when you understand that this industry brings so much damage, the more so… If I buy - I try to choose the highest quality and most natural, so that it lasts a long time, and then does not poison the earth.


Love, understanding, support reign in your blog. How do you achieve harmony in all spheres of life? What inspires and lives?

Yoga and the practice of gratitude help. These two points have changed my life a lot. So at least once a day to stop and list what you have in life is a state of some grace. You understand that you have sooo much! Handles, legs, eyesight, food, a peaceful sky above your head, drinking water, housing and more. We often perceive these things as something familiar, but take something from us - we will be very bad. When you are in a state of gratitude, you are in harmony. That's all.


And finally: why is it important to take care of the environment? Perhaps you are motivating those who still doubt whether it makes sense to be eco-friendly.

Because taking care of the environment is taking care of yourself. Nature will exist perfectly without us, and without it we will simply perish. Even if those seemingly tiny bees die out, we are already in great danger. The same with other animals, with marine life, with the forests around. Without them - we do not exist. It is a pity that few people realize that by destroying this beauty around, he is destroying himself. It is impossible. You need to take care of yourself ♥


Thank you for your wonderful answers! Thank you for sharing your warmth and sincerity with us. We are sure that our readers will have something to think about and will find the courage to change themselves and the world around them!


You can find Julia in:

Instagram: @yuliia_spilchuk (https://www.instagram.com/yuliia_spilchuk/);

Youtube: VILNI FAMILY (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKGym7za1JV1saK9ds37k0Q).

Interviewed by: SRW team volunteer, Yulia Korniychuk.