Sorting is easy! A new online map for comfortable sorting has been launched in Ukraine

Сортувати легко! В Україні запустили нову онлайн мапу для комфортного сортування

To the International Earth Day  in Ukraine, activists have launched a new online platform - a map for comfortable sorting. What is its feature?

National map of recycling points allows you to find, add or remove collection points anywhere in seconds. The project is designed to help everyone during sorting: from item selection and separate collection to delivery of raw materials. 

A feature of the map is a wide network of marks: specialized points, sorting tanks, stations. Each point on the map contains current information about working hours, address and contacts.

Also on the platform there are recommendations: the basic rules of division of raw materials into fractions, details of labeling and debunking of myths, which avoids common mistakes, saves time and increases the efficiency of eco-life of citizens.

It is easy to use the platform! Visit the site

  • find out where to take;
  • read tips on how to properly sort and where to start;
  • add items, report a closed item;
  • see labeling tips and debunk myths;
  • share with us your sorting successes on social media. mark us, 
  • use hashtags: #CreateTogetherSortDaily #recyclingpointsua #recyclingpointsorg #letsdoitukraine

"We urge active citizens to make changes: add an item if it is not on the map, delete it if for some reason it no longer works. To edit, you need to provide contacts, specify the address, factions and, if possible, attach a photo. The data is checked by a group of volunteer moderators before the update. This prevents inaccurate information. Only by working together can we create a map that will be useful in all parts of Ukraine: from large cities to small towns. " - comments the President of the All-Ukrainian youth movement "Let's do it Ukraine" Yulia Markhel.

The project was developed by the team of the All-Ukrainian youth movement "Let's do it Ukraine". With the support of the Ukrainian State Center for Extracurricular Education, the National Ecological and Naturalistic Center. The general partner is PepsiCo Ukraine with the support of the PepsiCo Foundation in conjunction with the School Recycling World International Youth Movement.

The organizers encourage Ukrainians to be active and proactive - to share relevant information about sorting with others. Competitions, contests and interesting prizes will be held among the most active participants.

By 2023, it is planned to cover the map of Ukraine with reception points as much as possible, after which the main task will be to maintain and update the available information.

The official presentation of the platform took place at the link:

We create together! We sort every day!

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