Winners of the rating "Ecoschool of the year 2020" in Nikolaev are declared

Оголошено переможців рейтингу «Екошкола року 2020» в Миколаєві

On December 15, 2020, the final of the project “Ecopatrol - best practices ", among 14 teams of finalists who presented their achievements, the winners of the rating" Ecoschool of the Year "in the city of Nikolaev are defined.

Mykolayiv eco-patrols won an honorary and prestigious title for their schools - Eco-school of the year, presented best practices. Students for the year implemented more than 500 environmental activitiesin which they participated 7567 peers. They sorted secondary raw materials, sewed bags, cleaned and planted trees, and involved classmates, relatives, and local communities. All this is done in order to form an ecological culture, responsible consumption and proper waste management.

14 teams entered the final. The jury determined the best schools of the city of Nikolaev during online broadcast. One of the priority indicators of the competition was the sorting of secondary raw materials and their sale. In general, the participants sorted and handed over for recycling 28,426 kilograms of secondary raw materials in 2020. Sorted from 1 to 5 fractions, each institution differently (plastic, glass, Tetra Pak, paper, batteries, organics, metal, polymers).

The honorary jury included: Yulia Markhel - founder of the International Youth Movement "School Recycling World", President of the All-Ukrainian Youth Movement "Let's do it Ukraine", Ksenia Renchkovska - leader of the International Youth Movement "School Recycling World" in Ukraine, Anna Ganzhul - Adviser to Mykolayiv the mayor, the acting director of KU «Agency of development of Nikolaev», Bogdan Koshmal - the project manager of KU «Agency of development of Nikolaev». 

The organizers of the International youth movement "School Recycling World" together with KU "Agency of development of the city of Nikolaev" with the support of the Nikolaev mayor Alexander Senkevich traditionally declared results of the rating "Eco-school of the year". The event was supported by a general partner - PepsiCo Ukraine.

Rank «Eco-school» In 2020 in Nikolaev the Nikolaev comprehensive school of I-III degrees named after Oleg Olzhich received

Prize places in a rating also took: The Nikolaev classical lyceum and Mishkovo-Pogorilivskaya ZOSh of the I-II degrees of the Vitovsky regional council of the Nikolaev area.

The winners will receive diplomas, cups, armchairs, bags and certificates for the implementation of their eco-projects for a total of UAH 12,000.

Eco-patrols Mykolayiv Secondary School of I-III Grades №1 named after Oleg Olzhych during the year they conducted educational work for students and parents of the neighborhood, trainings on eco-leadership, became the winners of the intermediate stage of the competition "Bag", participated in the World Cleaning Day. The school managed to collect more than 8 tons of paper, 819 kg of plastic and 86 kg of batteries, all the accumulated raw materials were recycled. During the project they saved 10 thousand hryvnias and bought a computer for the class.

All-Ukrainian project "Bag". Mykolayiv Secondary School of I-III Grades №1 named after Oleg Olzhych

OxAna Vasylivna Rudenko, project coordinator at the school comments: "I want to say that the project requires continuity. Under the conditions, the team must be made up of students in grades 8-11, but we took a slightly younger contingent, adding participants in grade 7, because they are very active. In our class, each class is on duty at the sorting stations for one week, so primary school children know how to work and already have a desire to be leaders and join the ranks of eco-patrols. For three years in a row, we have been teaching students, teachers, their parents and the community separate collection and proper waste management. Today, they independently carry secondary raw materials for processing every day. Every month we manage to hand over almost a ton of waste paper and 70-100 kg of plastic. At first it was difficult, now it is a habit and lifestyle of our eco-school!



Exhibition "Being ecological". Mykolayiv Secondary School of I-III Grades №1 named after Oleg Olzhych

IN Nikolaev classical lyceum During the project implementation, an exhibition of wall newspapers "Rules of garbage sorting", an eco-quest, training on garbage sorting was held, and Victory Park was cleaned.

"Last year we started planting trees, renewed the plant composition around the lyceum, - the coordinator of the Nikolaev classical lyceum Natalia Ivanovna Babych notes. - Next year we plan to implement two goals. The first - to plant seedlings in the spring. The second is to involve the community around the lyceum from nearby houses in the separate waste collection. ”

By joint efforts, the school managed to reduce the amount of solid waste that was taken to the landfill. In April 2020, the planting of trees and shrubs in the area adjacent to the lyceum will be organized.

«For everyone who plans to participate in the School Recycling project and compete for the title «Eco-school of the year ”, I would like to recommend involving more students of 7-9 grades, as I have noticed from my experience that they are inspired and ambitious. And also to involve parents who often respond no less proactively than children ", - added Mrs. Natalia.

IN Mishkovo-Pogorilivska Secondary School of I-II grades The Ecopatrol team organized the school project "Horizon", during which they created a corner of nature in the school yard, students collected waste paper and plastic, participated in the World Cleaning Day, cared for street flower beds, conducted educational activities.  

The school also won a prize in the All-Ukrainian ecological competition "Earth is our common home". During the work we managed to collect almost a ton of secondary raw materials.

«We have been implementing environmental initiatives at the school since 2012, so we have traditional activities. For example, the "Strong Magic" contest, where children photograph a contaminated area and then clean it. In the "Horizon" competition, students work on environmental issues themselves. To evaluate the work, we have created a special table, where each activity has its value in points. At the end of the year, we summarize and award the winners. For planning we use methodical materials «School Recycling World", Where there are the necessary recommendations. In the future we want to create a new project, which will be called "Mishkivka - the village of roses." We have already planted two zones with flowers thanks to a woman who gave us 29 rose bushes. Now we plan to prepare another one ", - commented the project coordinator Tetyana Fedorivna Katereniuk.

Performance of each school team passesin the Zoom application with a live broadcast on the official Facebook page. Participants demonstrated presentations and videos while describing their work. You can watch the performances at the link:

We will remind that the long-term School Recycling project in Nikolaev began in 2016. Every year it combines regional and national events and competitions: "Marathon of separate waste collection", "Ecopatrol-best practices", "Bag", "World Cleaning Day", "Festival of social advertising among students" Waste management school recycling ". This year difficult remote conditions didn't become an obstacle for school students of the city of Nikolaev for active work in fight against a global problem of pollution by garbage of environment and development of ecological culture. 

The School Recycling World team thanks all students and their parents, teachers, mentors, partners for their initiative, hard work and motivation of others. We are convinced that the results will be doubled or even tripled next year.

Learn more at and on social media pages @schoolrecyclingworld.

Together to an environmentally conscious and socially responsible life!